Looking After Your Removable Brace

  • To start with your brace will feel and taste strange.  You will also dribble a lot, and struggle to say ‘sizzling sausages’.  Stick with it, and, after a couple of days, things will be much easier.
  • You must wear your brace 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This includes eating, sport and bedtime.
  • After each meal (including lunch), and before bed, take it out and clean it. With the brace out of your mouth, give your teeth a good clean.  Be sure to put the brace straight back in.
  • Look after your brace If you lose it or damage it badly, it will cost you £73.20 for a new one Payment by cash/cheque only.
  • If anything does break, you must keep wearing it, but come and see us straight away.
  • Do remember to visit your own dentist, as usual, whilst you have your brace.